Who we are


“They played yesterday? Wish I’d known!”

“That’s a great package - if only I’d seen it before our anniversary!”

How many times have you heard those lines or anything similar? We at MarketHype have extensive experience from recreation, entertainment, sports, and tourism businesses, or in short - the leisure industry. We know there is huge potential for growth for many organizations - if only the marketing efforts were more personalized, the timing was more precise and the customer journey helped build long term relationships.

We are convinced that data is our friend and a set of tailor made systems and services for our specific industry is the way forward. We feel that everyone will benefit from better communication and better matching between supply and demand. Event organizers, destinations and hotels will grow their audiences with happy, engaged customers. And for us consumers - who doesn’t like a highly relevant offer with great value, delivered just when you want it?

If you share our vision, like to talk shop or just want to hang out we’d be glad to hear from you.

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