April 11, 2022 in updates

Email merge tags for your custom attributes

Insert your own data into emails with merge tags.

Email merge tags for your custom attributes

Does your organization have customer information that you would like to add to your MarketHype contacts? Then Custom Contact Attributes might be something for you. As described in our API documentation - Custom Attributes let you extend the default contact model to suit your needs. Once added, your extended data can be used when you filter, create segments and run campaigns.

To make things even better we've added support for Custom Contact Attributes as merge tags in the email editor. What does it mean? It means that for example the membership level that you might have extended your contacts with, can be added to emails via a merge tag (e.g. {{contacts:custom:membershipLevel}})

As long as the contact attribute is of type text you can add any contact specific data to your emails. Just hit us up via chat if you want to know more!

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