Data that forms the basis

Data-driven marketing

Working with data-driven marketing does not have to be particularly advanced. On the contrary, it can be absolutely wonderful and so can the effects of the work! Data-driven is about basing your activities and decisions on data instead of gut feeling, where you identify your customers' behaviors, are relevant in your communication and achieve a higher customer loyalty. The data is your answer.

With this guide you will learn everything you need to know to get started. From challenges in the event industry and basic starting points, to the collection of data and how you act on it.

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Create strong customer relationships


Segmentation means that you analyze your customers, guests and visitors and put them in smaller groups. But why should you use segments – really? The short answer is that you should get to know your visitors better, in order to be able to make smarter decisions with increased profitability as a result. And the slightly longer answer, is found in our PDF.

In the guide, we give you knowledge about both why you should segment and what types of segments exist. We give you a concrete workshop plan in 10 steps and advise you on what to do when the segmentation is complete. Yes, simply everything you need to know to get started with segments!

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Email marketing

Maximize your mailings

Email marketing might feel boring and old-fashioned to some. But, in a society where the digital channels are only getting more and the recipients more busy, it is incredibly important to use the channel in the right way to keep the subscribers. You need to keep up-to-date with strategies, areas of use and best practice. In addition, you need to keep track of segments, send relevant content and continuously monitor figures such as click-through rates. (No, rushing something together, clicking Send and closing your eyes to the result is not a good strategy!)

In this guide, we offer a wealth of knowledge about e-mail as a communication channel: strategies, checklists, tips on personal content and much more. Download the PDF to take part in all 15 pages!

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Your new best friend!


High relevance is the key to cutting through the noise. Content selected for your customer, formulated for your customer and presented as the customer wants it. But, how do you solve it when you have thousands of visitors to your concerts, performances and hotel facilities? You are a few fire spirits who will fix everything!

Enlist the help of your new best friend: automations! They help you build a personal guest journey that strengthens your relationship with the visitor, while saving time and driving sales.

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Shorter guides

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