MarketHype is packed with features that makes your life as a marketer easier - here are some examples.

MarketHype app screen

An easy to use, one stop shop for your marketing.

MarketHype is built specifically for you - marketers of the event and hospitality industries - and therefore all features are designed and adapted to your needs. From our many system integrations, to segmentation and filtering, all the way to our marketing design tools - we always design new features to provide digital marketing tailored in the best way possible to you. Our goal is for you to spend all your time doing great marketing for your amazing Events, Hotels and Camping sites - we will take care of everything else.

The application is evolving rapidly, and we are contantly adding new features. Please feel free to ask for a demo, or let us tell you about what we are working on right now.

Customer data screen

Data management

Real-time customer data

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is to keep your contact data relevant and up-to-date. Without good contact data you are not able to create great segments to target. MarketHype will automate this hassle for you by automatically import new contacts, data about their purchases and how they interact with your marketing activities. We also keep this data up to date in real-time, including when contacts move or change their name for example.

Segmentation screen


Filtering & Segmentation

Making something easy is really hard, at least if it’s complex. Customer analysis gets complex really fast - which in turn leads to many companies not doing it right, or not doing it at all. Tackling this problem is something that we really feel is at the core of MarketHype. We want you to feel inspired when working with your customer data and have flow when you investigate with filters or follow up on segment performance.

Email builder screen


Drag-and-drop email builder

With our easy to use email builder it takes just a few minutes to create an amazing email for your next campaign. When you’re happy about your design you can use our poweful and user friendly filter to define a list of recipients to send to. Afterwards we will provide you with a detailed activity report where you can drill down into which segments of your audience opened the email, clicked on links, and so on.

Marketing caompaigns screen


Marketing campaigns

One unified view of your sales and marketing efforts is key to being able to work efficiently, especially when multichannel marketing is standard. Our campaign dashboard gives you easy access to all key metrics, but most importantly gives you insights regarding cause and effect - how does our efforts translate into sales?

Sales metrics screen


Sales metrics

By combining sales data from your events with data about your audience, MarketHype provides sales metrics that really gives you an understanding of who the customers of your events are - their purchase habits, age, gender, how far they traveled for a certain event, and much more. All the insights you need when when deciding on suitable marketing audiences for your upcoming events.

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