What is it - and why is it your new best friend?

The key to breaking through the noise is high relevance. Content just for you, spoken in your language, presented the way you like it. How do we do that when we have thousands of visitors? We are but a few enthusiasts managing everyhing!

Get help from your new best friend - Automations! In this seminar we focus on how automations can help us create a personal, bonding relationship with our visitor, while saving time and providing additional sales.

On 2/8 at 9-10 AM we talk automations from theory to practical examples - hope you will join us!

Please note that this seminar is in swedish.
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Maximize your emails

Maximize your emails

Email is the old lady that remains one of, if not the most important communication channel we have. But even though it is an old technology, there is still a lot happening in the field.

New platforms place new demands on design, new generations require new appeals and new design trends require new design languages.

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Big and complicated, or just amazing?

Data driven

We hear alot about data driven marketing, but what is it really? In this webinar we are diving into the deep end and getting to the bottom of what it really means and how we can apply these concepts every day. Focus is on how to get started as an event organizer and how to avoid getting cought up in endless it-projects on your journey 🙂. Please note that this video is in swedish.

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