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Utilize effective communication & marketing to define, expand and sustain engaged event audiences.

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A NPS of 100

In a survey, we asked our customers if they would recommend MarketHype to others in the experience industry. The result? A NPS of 100!

79.2% open rate for automations

79.2 percent of our customers' recipients open the e-mails that are sent as automations. The corresponding figure for manual dispatches is 58.4 percent.

20% increased sales with personalization

By personalizing and targeting your communication, you can expect a 20 percent increase in sales.

Audience Development Platform

What does audience development mean?

By audience development, we refer to the entire journey. The journey from defining and building your audience – to maintaining, engaging and rewarding them. It's about much more than just increasing the audience size.

Audience development means having a comprehensive strategy for your marketing. A strategy that fosters long-lasting relationships and loyal customers. Through carefully planned activities, you meet the needs of both current and future audiences, visitors and guests.

One stop shop

A tool tailored for marketers

MarketHype is created by people from the experience and hospitality industry, and we know how stressful life can be. Marketing campaigns in various formats must be created, customer dialogues must be built and optimizations must be made here and there – while you have lots of other tasks at the same time. We know how frustrating it is to have all your data, contact lists and functions scattered in many different systems, when you really don't have time.

That's why we automatically collect all your data in a single tool. A tool that has exactly the functions you need. Which means that you can instead focus on what's important – successful marketing of your events and experiences, and great communication with your customers.

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"I am looking forward to continuing our digitalization journey together with MarketHype. With smart features for marketing, audience development, and automation, combined with extensive knowledge of events and ticket sales, we will be able to take the next step in our development."

Stefan Lövgren

CEO, Svenska Handbollslandslaget

"Knowing your audience becomes more and more important. With the help of MarketHype, we can personalize our communication based on target groups, which leads to higher engagement and more cost-effective marketing."

Matilda Ljungberg

Gothenburg Horse Show

"I have spent a lot of time trying to understand our visitors through various reporting and analysis systems. With MarketHype, I can finally get a complete picture across all sales and marketing channels. It gives me the opportunity to really understand our customers."

Grant Murdoch Purdy


Targeted communication

Drive retention and loyalty

MarketHype retrieves and compiles all your customer data for you. By getting to know your customers, and gaining a deeper understanding of them, you can create a personalized experience that builds strong relationships and loyalty. By creating segments and following their development over time, you can develop effective communication that works for your particular business.

Expand your audience

Find new customers

Let your data work for you. Accurate and qualitative data together with sales and campaign data, is exactly what you need. Well, at least if you want to find new customers, understand your target groups and shape effective campaigns that convert. With MarketHype's integrations, you can quickly reach multiple channels, get measurement data back and find twins for exactly the customers you want to reach.

Effective and simple

Integrations without fuss

Let's stop importing, exporting and jumping from tool to tool. MarketHype's goal is to remove all the tedious IT projects and obstacles and let you focus on the fun. Like finding new customer segments and creating successful campaigns!

Deep customer insights

Impress your partners

Your brand together with your loyal customers has a great value that can open up many exciting opportunities and fruitful collaborations. To maximize the potential, you need to be able to visualize your customer groups, demonstrate deep customer insight and easily explain all the benefits that a partnership with you entails – in an attractive and winning way.

Our offer

Increase your sales with MarketHype

Customer insights

MarketHype will let you understand your customers, their purchase behavior and how to target them.

Sales follow-up

Follow your ticket sales, with revenue, sales by product, customer insights and much more.

Measurable mailings

What results do your SMS and email campaigns yield? Get concrete figures for openings, clicks, ROI, and recipients' demographic information.

Collecting all data

MarketHype automatically collects all your customer, sales and marketing data via our integrations, and makes it available to you.

Always up-to-date

Customers move, change contact details and grow older. MarketHype keeps this information current at all times.

Secure storage

We store all your data in a secure cloud, with all customer information handled in full compliance with GDPR.