Christofer Eliasson, Product Manager & Founder, and Henrik Janbell, Design Manager & Founder.

Our idea

"Did they play yesterday? If only I had known!"

"That sounds like an amazing offer. If only I'd known about it before our honeymoon!"

Surely you've heard friends exclaim similar phrases before? We who create MarketHype have extensive experience from the experience industry – from concerts, performing arts and sports as well as resorts and travel. We know that there is enormous potential for many organizations to grow. If only the marketing was personalized, the timing more precise and the customer journey built long-term relationships.

We are convinced that data is your friend and that a customized system for experiences is the way to successful customer relationships. In fact, we believe that everyone would benefit from better communication and matching between supply and demand.

With personalized and targeted communication, organizers, hotels and destinations can build positive and engaged customer groups. And the visitors? Well, who doesn't like a really good deal – that pops up just when you want it?

Your Audience Development Platform

Our product

Industry-specific system

MarketHype is built specifically for you, the event and experience marketer. Therefore, everything is designed according to your needs – from our ready-made integrations to how you make selections, build segments and communicate.

User-friendly tool

Our marketing system exists for you – the user. Therefore, simplicity and user-friendliness are two of our most important pillars, where you get both data and channels gathered in one and the same system. Smooth is just the first name!

Valuable customer insights

With MarketHype you get structured customer data. In addition, all customer registers are continuously updated, handled correctly according to GDPR and stored in a secure cloud solution. The abundant amount of data is visualized and provides many customer insights – quickly!

Personalized marketing

Through the increased customer knowledge, you build segments, target your communication and create strong relationships with your guests and visitors. Personalized marketing is the key to increasing your sales.

Time-saving & efficient

We want you to spend your hours on other things than lengthy exports and imports of CSV files. That you say goodbye to recurring tasks. And that you sleep a little extra in the morning when the scheduled newsletter goes out automatically. Time efficiency is our – and soon your – best friend!

Automated solutions

At MarketHype, a lot happens automatically. Like the data retrieval from your ticket or booking software, the customer registers that are always kept fresh, and the SMS and email automations that take care of themselves. Yes, if there's something to automate, we will.

"Being able to work in an environment with such competent colleagues, which is noticeable both during office hours and at the AW quizzes, is a privilege. The fact that we also have a common goal that says the customers should always be at the center, really warms my customer-oriented heart."

Emma Nilsson

Customer Success Manager, MarketHype

"What I really like about MarketHype is that you get to be part of the product development – for real. Everyone's opinion counts. In addition, we have the confidence to freely experiment to improve the system, user experience and developer happiness."

Martin Baekkevold

Tech Lead, MarketHype

"We're a young company that operates in a very fun industry. Imagine that I get to promote such a fantastic product and such lovely colleagues – I love it!"

Matilda Törnquist

Marketing Manager, MarketHype

"It's a pure pleasure to sell a service that is a game changer for this business – it adds real value. A group of people with sharp minds and big hearts make this a great place to work!"

Christian Carlborg

Sales Director, MarketHype


The beginning of MarketHype's journey

It all started with an idea. "A fantastic idea – which cannot be realized", as a good friend of Erik Lindholm said. An idea that was born from various customer dialogues and that grew stronger with each question Erik received during his time as CEO of the company with event tickets in focus. "How can we get more out of the ticket data? How can we sell more?"

In 2018, Erik left his role as CEO. With the mindset that this idea – where there was obviously a need – would certainly be possible to realize, Erik contacted two competent developers that he had previously met in a work context. Did they want to be involved in developing the idea?

Henrik Janbell and Christofer Eliasson accepted. Ever since they left their first startup company, they had been waiting for a new idea. They could therefore not accept anything other than yes to the offer to start up the new company: MarketHype. And now the journey could really begin.


Oh no. Will the pandemic ever end?

Of course, the pandemic didn't come very timely. The startup company had just started and the number of pilot contracts had slowly but surely started to increase. But, a new experience marketing system and a pandemic that forced concert promoters, travel companies and sports clubs to cancel their events – did that sound particularly good? Hardly.

Lockdown was a fact. But so was the rise of MarketHype – no pandemic was going to stop the customer data platform and marketing system. Also, MarketHype had got their first two employees in place, so it was just a matter of being persevere (and keeping your distance). Never before had so much coding been done as now.


"I knew we needed something"

"I knew we needed something, but I didn't know it was this." Yes, the restrictions were finally released, one by one, and MarketHype was finally able to show the world their product. A product that would help marketers truly understand their customers, streamline their work and increase business sales – all with data as a basis. And people hadn't seen anything like it. They had known they needed something, but didn't know what.

We still hear sentences like these today. Today, we have around 100 customers in both Sweden, Norway and Denmark, where we see it as our mission to help the event and experience industry make use of their marketing data. Because, it's in the data that your conclusion is found. It's in your unique sales data and in your contact lists that you'll find the answer. More engaged customers, increased sales and more spot-on communication – everything is in your customer data.

Short facts about MarketHype

MarketHype was founded: In 2018 in Gothenburg.
Number of employees: 14 employees, within Programming & Development, Sales, Customer Success and Marketing. All development takes place in-house.
Number of customers: About 120 customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.