Which ticketing or booking software do you use?

MarketHype has a direct connection to several of the usual ticketing systems. Whether you use Ticketmaster, AXS, Tickster, Tixly or another ticket provider, we handle the retrieval and collection of your customer data. We are also connected to the booking systems that VisitGroup provides (BookVisit, Citybreak etc.).

The contact data is retrieved, washed and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Thanks to the visualization, there are many customer insights – which you'll find quickly.

All integrations are found here.

Three advantages

Your own customer data, always up-to-date

A complete IT project

MarketHype collects all ticket, booking and customer data for you. We have a direct connection to the common ticket and booking systems and the ongoing retrieval happens automatically. The IT project is done and ready to use – just plug and play!

Built-in data verification

With MarketHype, contact information is kept up-to-date and accurate. After retrieval, the customer data is supplemented with details such as age, gender, address, geo coordinates and phone number. Everything is monitored and updated continuously.

Cloud based

With MarketHype, you get safe handling where nothing is left to chance. All data is managed safely and securely in the cloud, where with Microsoft Azure we carry out continuous backups and high availability.

"It's really a strength to have analyses, segments and automations in the same tool. We get a good overview and can work smartly with our entire customer database – all in the same tool."

Christine “Titte” Carlsson

Marketing Analyst, GöteborgsOperan

Correct handling

We know GDPR

GDPR sets requirements. But you can relax – we handle all data correctly according to GDPR. We use automatic anonymization and cleaning that follows your terms of purchase, where we systematically keep track of your consents. In addition, there is support for extracts and manual deletion.

Legitimate interest

48–345% more people to talk to

GDPR also provides opportunities. Namely, there are two legal bases for your communication and marketing – freely given consent and legitimate interest – where MarketHype systematically keeps track of your contacts and the consents they give. With legitimate interest, you get 48–345% more contacts to talk to. Jaw-droppingly awesome, we know!

Unique customer identities

Multiple contact ways – one customer

All ticket buyers and visitors who enter the system carry information such as name, telephone number and postal address. The customer data is washed and supplemented with contact information such as age, gender and geo-coordinates, where a unique customer can have multiple phone numbers and email addresses. But don't worry! If a contact has several contact routes, we make sure that all numbers and addresses end up on one and the same customer identity.

Continuous retrieval

Always fresh and updated data

All data relating to your events, customers and sales is continuously retrieved from your ticket system. The data is also kept correct and up-to-date – all the time. So you don't have to worry about the contact information becoming out of date. The data cleaning takes place once a week and the data retrieval from the ticket system every hour. Like sweet music, right?


Say goodbye to CSV exports

The customer data in the platform is directly connected with several channels. How about creating e-mails and SMS in the same system – without having to change programs or windows? MarketHype has tools for both e-mail, SMS and automations, and since everything is gathered in the same system, you never again need to export or import recipient lists between different programs. In addition, there is an integration to Meta that allows you to create ad target groups in MarketHype and directly use these on Facebook and Instagram.

User friendly

A complex system, easy to use

Working data-driven can seem complicated and difficult. But, it doesn't have to be very complicated. At MarketHype, we put flexibility and user experience in focus and let you blur the IT project to get started quickly. Data driven marketing has never been easier!

Customer at MarketHype

This is how it works:

Data is retrieved

We retrieve all customer data from the ticket or booking system that you use. The data is then cleaned and verified and supplemented with additional customer information, where the data is kept up-to-date and correct – all the time.

Free customer analysis

We analyze your customer data, get to know your audience and identify important segments. We also go through how you can communicate with and influence your guests through various marketing activities.

Continuous contact

We love staying in touch! When the onboarding is complete, we will continue inviting you to various follow-ups. It is thanks to your questions, challenges and needs that our service can develop.

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MarketHype is your experience marketing system, developed by and for people in the same industry as you. We have broad experience from both ticket systems and events as well as marketing. And now we want to help you get everything in order. From handling the data – to a bigger, happier and more engaged audience.

Do you also want to fill the occupancy faster, tie the customers closer to you and sell more? Book a free demo and we'll tell you more about how we can help you!

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Working with data-driven marketing does not have to be particularly advanced. On the contrary, it can be absolutely wonderful and so can the effects of the work! Data-driven is about basing your activities and decisions on data instead of gut feeling, where you identify your customers' behaviors, are relevant in your communication and achieve a higher customer loyalty. The data is your answer.

With this guide you will learn everything you need to know to get started. From challenges in the event industry and basic starting points, to the collection of data and how you act on it.

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