Göteborgs Symfoniker. Photographer: Francis Löfvenholm.

Are you talking enough to your guests?

One thing that is certain is that many businesses do not. There are those who are afraid that they will send too many emails, that the opening rate will decrease and that the recipients will simply get tired of all the mailings and sponsored posts on social media. How does it look for you?

From the time the customer buys a ticket from you to the time the experience takes place, there's a gap full of possibilities. You can work with information and additional sales, but also messages that strengthen the customer relationship. Because you want, just like the guest, that the visit with you will be unforgettable, right? That he or she will come back? Then you need to talk to the customer. The fact that you keep him or her informed shows that you care about the guest.

The customer looks forward to coming to you. For her or him, it's an opportunity to escape everyday worries, enjoy good food and be touched by the mimes, movements and tones of the actors, dancers and musicians. You must use these expectations in your communication. While the customer is longing, you take the opportunity to talk to the customer and cut through the noise through relevant content.

Six advantages

This is why others within the Culture & Performing Arts choose MarketHype

Clear sales overview

With MarketHype you easily keep track of sales. Among other things, you learn more about the ticket buyers, follow up on individual events and productions, and see how many visitors are returning customers.

Channels & data in the same system

In our marketing and customer data platform, all data from your ticketing system is directly connected with multiple channels. You talk to the visitors via SMS, email and automations, where all data is available at the touch of a single button.

Exports and imports – goodbye!

Once you've put together a mailing in MarketHype's email tool to send to your buyers, newsletter subscribers or sponsors, you don't have to leave the system once. Everything is in the same system – and everything is retrieved and updated automatically.

Your unique customer segments

With MarketHype you build up your own segments. You follow up the target groups, how they grow and what they buy. In addition, you easily communicate personal messages to the different segments in different channels.

Relevant & automated communication

Automated communication is both smart and time-saving. In MarketHype's automation tool, you set up communications that inform, sell and build stronger relationships, where intelligent filtering makes targeting your marketing a breeze.

Filters for upselling

Of course you should inform your customers about add-on products! With our many filtering options, you choose, for example, whether you want to talk to those who haven't pre-booked snacks and drinks yet, or whether you want to advise the real enthusiasts of the theater to buy a season ticket with an extra golden edge.

"MarketHype is an important part of our new way of working. The system is easy to use, contributes to reduced manual work and provides many customer insights."

Charlotte “Charlie” Ljungman

Marketing Coordinator, GöteborgsOperan

Segments & filters

You do segment your customers, right?

The opera fans, jazzers, season ticket holders and musical lovers couldn't be more clear than they are. They have previously purchased a ticket with a specific event tag, thus giving you every opportunity to split them into smaller groups. They want you to keep serving them relevant content – not stuff that makes them throw away the mailings. Because surely they deserve to receive relevant and personal communication in their inbox?

Segments allow you to divide customers according to various characteristics such as buying patterns, genres and cities. You can choose to include those who come often, exclude those who opened the last mailing or select a specific age. Only you know which segments have the greatest potential for you. We know that you need to segment your customers to drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

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Season tickets

Take extra care of your loyal customers

We are of course talking about the season ticket holders and regular customers. The ones who are most faithful to you and the ones to whom you should also be most loyal.

In MarketHype, you get your own overview for season ticket sales and can also build up selected segments for those who visit you often – in order to easily communicate with them in particular. When it's time for regular customers to renew their season tickets, there is also support for renewal links to use in your mailings.

Customer story

Be inspired by Göteborgs Symfoniker

80,000 customer contacts, 100 concerts and several genres. Yes, with an audience consisting of a large number of guests, came challenges for Göteborgs Symfoniker, where expensive systems and vulnerable working methods made it almost impossible to communicate relevant information to the visitors.

So how did you manage to turn it around? Take a look at the customer story where Teresa, Digital Marketing Manager, shares how Göteborgs Symfoniker went from messy to smooth, with relationship building in focus.

Read the full customer story
Customer at MarketHype

This is how it works:

Data is retrieved

We retrieve all customer data from the ticket or booking system that you use. The data is then cleaned, verified and supplemented with additional customer information, where the data is kept up-to-date and correct – all the time.

Free customer analysis

We analyze your customer data, get to know your audience and identify important segments. We also go through how you can communicate with and influence your guests through various marketing activities.

Continuous contact

We love staying in touch! When the onboarding is complete, we will continue inviting you to various follow-ups. It is thanks to your questions, challenges and needs that our service can develop.

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