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Why do your customers visit your club in particular?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? If not, it might be a good idea to find out who your customers are and why they choose to visit your particular arena. By analyzing the sales and visitors from previous matches and competitions, you can gain many customer insights. Insights that can help you make even smarter decisions. Which can lead to more sold season tickets, more everyday guests and increased revenue from merch, drinks and snacks.

In order to increase your sales, you need to know who your visitors are. And the answer to that, can be found in your data. The customer data can tell you where your guests are from, how many have bought 10 or more tickets, and who are most interested in standing in the crowd or getting a free face painting before kick-off. With that data as a basis, you can then create accurate communication that keeps guests coming back. Again, again, and again.

Three advantages

This is why other Sports Clubs choose MarketHype

Clear sales overview

With MarketHype you easily keep track of sales. Among other things, you learn more about the ticket buyers, follow up on individual matches and seasons, and see how many of the visitors are returning customers. Through tables, graphs and heatmaps, you quickly gain many insights.

Categorization of visitors

In our customer data platform, you can filter out season ticket buyers, those who always sit in section F, or why not those who visit you on family days. Based on the filtering, you then create segments to which you direct your communication.

Cost-effective automations

Do you want to both save time and increase your sales? With MarketHype's automation tool, you set up communications that inform, sell and build stronger relationships, where intelligent filtering and data tags make it a breeze to create relevant marketing.

"With MarketHype, we want to continue developing our customer database, conduct better customer analyses, and get to know our fans more deeply. The choice of MarketHype is due to the platform being very user-friendly."

Tobias Frejfors

Project Manager, Svenska Handbollslandslaget

"Knowing your audience becomes more and more important. With the help of MarketHype, we can personalize our communication based on target groups, which leads to higher engagement and more cost-effective marketing."

Matilda Ljungberg

Marketing Manager, Gothenburg Horse Show


1–0 to you in the battle for the recipient's attention

A visit to your arena is so much more than a match, isn't it? It is joy and community. Tension and nervousness. Cheers and frustration. Nostalgia and new memories. Yes, there are many emotions during a match or competition, and all the audience wants is to cheer home a win for their team or idol.

Since the engagement is great and the expectations high, it is easier for you to cut through the noise than for many other industries. You should take advantage of this enormous advantage. Dare to communicate often, dare to try new things and dare to show that you really care about your customers. It will pay off, we promise.


Target your communication – sell 20% more!

In MarketHype, there are many, many filtering options. With the help of the filters, you build up segments – such as the Family Stand, the Cheerleaders and Young 18–24 year olds – and then create target group-specific communications for e-mails and Meta advertising that convert. The potential for additional sales is enormous when targeting your communication.

Do you write for the Family? Then you focus on face painting, candy rain and hot dogs in the kiosk. Do you talk to the Cheerleaders? Then you send offers that only the club's most loyal supporters can take part in. Or, is it young people aged 18–24 that you create communication for? Keep beer in the bar as well as discounts on scarves and competitions on social media in mind.

In short, make sure that your marketing is a hit. Because, if you personalize your communication, you can actually achieve a 20 percent increase in sales, according to Campaign Monitor.

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This is how it works:

Data is retrieved

We retrieve all customer data from the ticket or booking system that you use. The data is then cleaned, verified and supplemented with additional customer information, where the data is kept up-to-date and correct – all the time.

Free customer analysis

We analyze your customer data, get to know your audience and identify important segments. We also go through how you can communicate with and influence your guests through various marketing activities.

Continuous contact

We love staying in touch! When the onboarding is complete, we will continue inviting you to various follow-ups. It is thanks to your questions, challenges and needs that our service can develop.

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