What sets MarketHype apart from other systems?

Tailored to experiences

MarketHype is designed for marketers of events and experiences. All integrations, tools, and functions are developed based on the needs within the industry. We also have many years of experience in both ticket sales and experiences.

All-in-one solution

With MarketHype, you get a comprehensive all-inclusive package. You gain access to your entire customer database, where all data is cleaned, updated, and verified automatically. You get Business Intelligence tools for data analysis, Marketing Automation functionality, and tools for email and SMS.

79.2% Average Open Rate

For example, in Mailchimp, the Average Open Rate in the "Entertainment & Events" industry is 20.51%. In MarketHype, the Average Open Rate for our email automations is 79.2%, and 58.4% for our regular email campaigns.

Support rated 9+

When we asked our customers how they experience the support they receive from us, we got an average of 9+ out of 10. And on the question of whether they would recommend MarketHype to others in the industry, we got an NPS of 100. Yay!

Personal user support

With us, personal support in both Swedish and English is included. Whether you are in the startup phase, want to leave suggestions for improvement or need user support, we're here to help. And if you get new colleagues along the way, we also train them. We're with you all the way!

User-friendly tool

Simplicity is one of our key pillars. We always strive to offer a platform as user-friendly as possible – a platform that is intuitive and no more complicated than it needs to be. Get started today and see for yourself!


One login, everything included

As our customer, all of this is included in your monthly cost:

Access to all features
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited number of integrations to the ticketing and booking systems that we have connections to
Unlimited number of events and productions
Unlimited number of email campaigns (including automations)

You only pay extra for the number of SMS messages you send.

"It's truly a strength to have analytics, segments, and automations in the same tool. We get a good overview and can work smartly with our entire customer database – all in the same tool."

Christine “Titte” Carlsson

Market Analyst, GöteborgsOperan


Flexible monthly cost to match your size

Pay per unique contact

At MarketHype, you pay based on the number of unique contacts you have each month. This means our pricing model suits businesses and operations of all sizes – both large and small. Additionally, the monthly cost is flexible, scaling along with you.

Free startup & customer analysis

All costs for startup are included, where training, workshops, and all data transfer are done together with your personal contact from MarketHype. You also get a free customer analysis as part of the deal.

SMS costs are additional

As a user, you have free access to all the tools and features in MarketHype. The only additional costs are for any SMS messages sent. The price per SMS varies depending on the country you are sending to.


How large is your audience?

Are you interested in MarketHype but unsure of how many unique individuals you have in your records? No worries. The majority of our customers do not know how many contacts they have before they get started with MarketHype. If you want to find out how many contacts you have, we will help you.

Illustration med tre personer

Pay only for your unique contacts

A single customer can have multiple contact methods. Perhaps the customer uses two email addresses, changes phone numbers, and eventually moves to a new address. Regardless of the number of contact methods, you only pay for your unique contacts. No more, no less. All information is also automatically kept up-to-date, accurate, and collected on a single customer card.


Collect more data in MarketHype

With our Zapier connection, you can collect even more data in MarketHype. Perhaps you use SurveyMonkey for customer surveys? Or Facebook Lead Ads to collect email addresses? Then Zapier, with over 5000 integrations, is your friend. And the best part: you don't need to know a single line of code. Smooth as can be!


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