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MarketHype is built specifically for you, the marketer of events and experiences. Therefore, everything is designed according to your needs – from our ready-to-use integrations to how you make selections, build segments and communicate with your customers. Our goal is for you to spend all your time creating magical experiences for your amazing events, hotels and camping sites, and building strong relationships with your visitors. We take care of the boring and complicated tasks.

Our application is evolving rapidly and new functions are added all the time. Do you dare to wait?

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"I feel like I have finally found a one-stop solution that gives me the ability to truly understand our customers – no matter which ticketing company sells our tickets. "

Grant Murdoch Purdy


"The connection to Citybreak is worth its weight in gold, and so is the overview of the customers, where the data that is retrieved can be used for very, very much. The platform is user-friendly and not more complicated than it needs to be."

Vebjørn Skaseth Ørpen

Norefjell Skisenter

"With MarketHype, we can adjust our communication so that the right messages meet the right target group, and at the same time we are more cost-effective and get a higher engagement rate than before."

Matilda Ljungberg

Marketing Manager, Gothenburg Horse Show

Data management

Real-time customer data

One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is gathering your customer data and making sure it's up-to-date and accurate. Without up-to-date information, you lack the conditions to target your communication. By automating the retrieval of your contact data – including purchase information and activity data – MarketHype enables you to maximize your marketing efforts. In addition, we monitor and update all data on an ongoing basis, including when contacts move or change their name for example.

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Sales metrics

By combining data from your ticketing or booking system with data about your visitors, MarketHype can give you in-depth insight about your customers. You learn their buying behavior, age, gender, travel route and much more – everything you need to know when it's time to find the target audience for your next sales effort, and when deciding on suitable marketing audiences for your upcoming events.

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Customer insights

Filtering & Segmentation

Collecting and analyzing customer data quickly becomes complicated. This often leads to many organizations not doing it the right way – or not at all. At MarketHype, we are passionate about simplifying data management. We collect your customer data and present it in an easy-to-understand way so that you can easily create segments. Because, we want you to feel inspired when you analyze your customers and your sales. That you get energy from understanding more about your business and that you get new ideas about how you can create customer dialogues.

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Drag-and-drop email builder

With MarketHype's easy-to-use email tool, you can create attractive mailings in minutes. The direct connection to your customer and purchase data means that you can directly use the powerful filtering to target your communication. The abundant amount of data also gives you a whole new depth in monitoring behavior and outcomes.

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Fast communication


SMS has become a powerful channel, especially for you in the experience industry. When you want to quickly talk to the audience and convey important information to your guests, short and concise SMS is the ultimate communication route. SMS are easy to send – hard to miss!

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Smooth & automatic

Smart automations

With automations you save time, strengthen customer relations and drive sales. Since you want to talk to the guest both before, during and after the event or booking, automations are perfect for conveying information and working with additional sales. While the automations are running, you can do other things – effectively, to say the least!

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Target groups for ads

Meta connection

Surely it would be convenient if you could use your contact lists in connection with ad sets on Facebook and Instagram? We have the feature for you! With MarketHype, you easily export your set segments and filtered customer lists directly into Facebook Ads Manager – with a single click of a button! – and creates twins based on the target groups.

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Signup forms

In MarketHype's platform, you quickly create registration forms. You build up the forms according to your wishes regarding fields and checkboxes for, for example, name, country and genre, where with more information about your subscribers you can become more relevant in your communication. In addition, you never have to bother with exports and imports of CSV files between different systems – the recipient lists are automatically updated!

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