Knocked Loose at Kulturbolaget. Photographer: Grant Murdoch Purdy.

How can personalized marketing bring you more returning customers?

Personalized marketing is essential if you want to get more returning customers. The type of communication also contributes to both greater customer loyalty and increased sales, because the visitor experiences a closer bond between your brand and him or her.

So how does personalized marketing work? What is it? Well, it all starts with you analyzing your audience and learning more about who they are. Maybe they come from Copenhagen, maybe they are hard rockers, maybe they are between 35 and 42 years old. You can only get the answers through a customer analysis.

In connection with the analysis, you divide the customers into smaller groups. You then use the segments and target groups to create communication and marketing that is relevant, personal and engaging. Which gives you more returning customers, a more loyal audience and increased sales.

Three advantages

This is why other Concert Organizers & Promoters choose MarketHype

Automatic retrieval of data

The ticket system(s) you use contains customer data. This data is automatically retrieved to our customer data platform, where the data is washed and supplemented with additional contact information such as geo-coordinates and purchase behaviour. If a person exists in multiple ticketing systems and carries multiple contact ways, they are also merged into a single customer identity.

Segments based on genres

With MarketHype you build up your own segments. You use genres, event tags and purchase history as a basis and easily monitor how the target groups change over time. In addition, you communicate personal messages to the various segments – with just a few clicks. We have several channels directly connected to your customer registers.

Automations for events

With MarketHype's industry-specific automations, you save time, drive sales and build stronger customer relationships. You use them both before and after a gig, for both marketing and pure information. Our smart filters also make it a breeze to target SMS and e-mails for different venues, productions and days of the week.

"We've been using MarketHype since day 1. Choosing them as a supplier was a no-brainer because the tool is built specifically for the event industry. The customer data platform collects all our customers and gives us insights about who they are, how old they are, where they come from and so on."

Fredrik Johansson

Marketing Manager, KLBR Live Entertainment

Customer understanding

Stop guessing – save time & money!

What challenges do you have? With MarketHype, you are given the opportunity to deeply understand your customers. You analyze visualized customer data and use purchasing behaviors, event tags, and demographic characteristics to create segments. Thanks to the customer analyses, filters and segments, you can also turn challenges into uptrends.

By taking the guesswork out of who your audience is, you save both time and money. You get a better effect on your advertising, attract visitors to similar concerts and sell out of tickets earlier. To name a few examples.

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Meta connection

Find new customers on Facebook & Instagram

Do you want to reach a larger audience? Spread the autumn concerts and gigs to hard-core fans? Then it's time to advertise on Facebook and Instagram with the help of MarketHype!

In our customer data platform, there is a built-in Meta connection that makes it easier than ever to target your advertising. You choose a segment, include a geographic area and exclude a certain gender or a certain age group – or whatever is interesting in your particular case. Then you directly export the selection to Meta Ads Manager. All in just a few clicks.

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Customer story

Be inspired by Kulturbolaget

Do you think it sounds confusing if we say that Kulturbolaget uses three different ticket systems? That the number of concerts is more than 200 every year and that they should be marketed to both young and old, hard rockers and hip-hoppers, and Malmö residents as well as northerners?

Think again. With a customer data platform that brings together all ticket buyers, events and marketing tools, it's anything but messy. It's even smooth, safe and user-friendly. And the customer understanding has never been sharper.

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Customer at MarketHype

This is how it works:

Data is retrieved

We retrieve all customer data from the ticket or booking system that you use. The data is then cleaned, verified and supplemented with additional customer information, where the data is kept up-to-date and correct – all the time.

Free customer analysis

We analyze your customer data, get to know your audience and identify important segments. We also go through how you can communicate with and influence your guests through various marketing activities.

Continuous contact

We love staying in touch! When the onboarding is complete, we will continue inviting you to various follow-ups. It is thanks to your questions, challenges and needs that our service can develop.

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MarketHype is your experience marketing system, developed by and for people in the same industry as you. We have broad experience from both ticket systems and events as well as marketing. And now we want to help you get everything in order. From handling the data – to a bigger, happier and more engaged audience.

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