Do you know who your customers are?

MarketHype has a direct connection to several of common ticket and booking systems. And it is there – in the magical connection – that you find the answer to who your customers are. Yes, when the contact data is retrieved, it is cleaned, verified and presented in an easy-to-understand manner, which means that the customer insights quickly become many.

Perhaps you see that the majority of your customers come from Oslo? Or that most people buy four tickets in 365 days? Or that the hard rockers are between 27 and 43 years old? Only a customer data platform can give you the answers to how you should segment your customers and – above all – who they are.

Three advantages

Segment your customers to boost your brand


When you know who you're talking to and create content that is relevant to your recipients, you are perceived as more credible. Who wouldn't want to shop from someone who understands one's true interests and needs?

Customer loyalty

Personal communication that hits the spot strengthens the bonds between you and your visitors. When you are genuine and talk to the customer in the customer's way, customer loyalty also increases.

Increased sales

Dispatches that are spot-on convert. Did you know that personalized recommendations based on purchasing behaviors, interests and other characteristics can result in a 41 percent higher click-through rate?

"With the function, I can filter out, for example, everyone who has been here at least once in the last year, is of a certain age and lives in Gothenburg and the surrounding area. I can also exclude those who have already received a specific email, which is great!"

Teresa Vikstedt

Digital Marketing Manager, Göteborgs Symfoniker

Target groups

Which segments will you work towards?

By speaking directly to target groups such as Early Birds, Opera fans and Subscribers, you are perceived as more trustworthy by your visitors. With MarketHype you set up your own, unique segments. The dynamic customer groups are of course kept up-to-date and you can clearly see how they develop over time. Smart is just the first name!


Demographic, geographic and behavioral segments

Do you want to filter out demographic characteristics such as age and gender? Or perhaps geographic information such as country and city or behavioral segments based on purchasing patterns? Why not combine all three? With MarketHype, you can easily filter out everything that is of interest to your particular business.

The target

Increased customer understanding leads to strong relationships

Why should you care about segmenting your customers? Well, the goal is for you to gain a greater understanding of your customers and their needs, interests and preferences. If you understand your customers in depth and create personalized experiences for them, you can expect increased profitability, strengthened customer loyalty and clear competitive advantages.


20% increased sales with personalized communication

Targeted communication and clear CTA buttons are the key to more conversions. With personalized subject lines and content tailored to your target audiences, you'll see higher open rates, click-through rates, engagement rates and sales figures. When you send something that the recipients actually want to open, they will not only open the mailings – but also take in what you have to say and click on the links.


Be loyal to your most loyal guests

It's not your regular customers who should be loyal to you – it's you who should be loyal to them and earn their customer loyalty. Therefore, it is a matter of course that you know who your most loyal visitors are. With MarketHype, you easily keep track of your regular customers and see how the segment is developing. When it's time for guests to renew their season tickets or when you want to send a special offer to your most dedicated audience, create hassle-free dispatches just for them.

Customer at MarketHype

This is how it works:

Data is retrieved

We retrieve all customer data from the ticket or booking system that you use. The data is then cleaned and verified and supplemented with additional customer information, where the data is kept up-to-date and correct – all the time.

Free customer analysis

We analyze your customer data, get to know your audience and identify important segments. We also go through how you can communicate with and influence your guests through various marketing activities.

Continuous contact

We love staying in touch! When the onboarding is complete, we will continue inviting you to various follow-ups. It is thanks to your questions, challenges and needs that our service can develop.

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MarketHype is your experience marketing system, developed by and for people in the same industry as you. We have broad experience from both ticket systems and events as well as marketing. And now we want to help you get everything in order. From handling the data – to a bigger, happier and more engaged audience.

Do you also want to fill the occupancy faster, tie the customers closer to you and sell more? Book a free demo and we'll tell you more about how we can help you!

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Are you a concert organizer who wants to know how the genre distribution looks like among the guests? Or are you perhaps a ski resort that wants to know what the purchase behavior looks like among those who usually book a hotel or cabin? Do you want to know which customers usually buy additional products? Then segmentation is your new best friend!

Segmenting your (potential) customers means dividing them into smaller groups. But where do you start? And how can you split them up? Download our guide on segmentation and find out!

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