The summary of summaries is here! Yes, when we look back at the year 2023, we can only say: what a fantastic year we've had!

In this annual summary, you get 9 great highlights from us at MarketHype – from new features and launches to events and celebrations.

We also want to take the opportunity to say thank you. Thanks to all customers, subscribers, partners, followers and – not least – colleagues. Without you, none of the highlights would have been possible. So, thank so much!

1. We launched our SMS tool

We started the year by releasing a new feature: an SMS tool. The tool had been tested by a selection of customers before the turn of the year, but was launched at the beginning of 2023 for all users.

Why SMS? Different channels have different uses, where SMS is no exception. SMS are easy to send as they do not require any special design, while at the same time they are difficult for the recipients to miss. With that knowledge, SMS is a perfect channel for, for example, conveying important information and time-limited offers, where SMS becomes an excellent complement to e-mail.

Read more about our SMS tool here.

2. MarketHype is now available throughout the Nordics

Yes, in 2023 we entered new markets. MarketHype was previously available at both Swedish and Norwegian operations, but during this year we entered both the Danish and Finnish markets. The fact that MarketHype is now used in both Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland – and that we get to contribute to making marketing simple throughout the Nordics – feels fantastically fun!

3. Marketers' Hype Gbg – new forum for marketers

The idea of a forum for marketers had been around for a while, but it wasn't until 2023 that the idea became a reality. And the name of this forum became: Marketers' Hype Gbg.

Perhaps you are now wondering what kind of forum it is? Well, with our concept Marketers' Hype Gbg, we give marketers in the event and experience industry in Gothenburg the opportunity to connect with other marketers. We allow like-minded people to meet and discuss challenges, success stories and best practice.

The first event took place on April 19, at MarketHype's office. Here Italian snacks, refreshing drinks and lovely mingling were offered. In addition, we had marketer Matilda Ljungberg over for a conversation about the Gothenburg Horse Show. The entire conversation can be seen here.

The second meetup was a breakfast event at Stora Teatern. This time, on Friday 15 December, we were visited by Jolanda Toivola, Content Manager & Copywriter at ESS Group. Jolanda shared how copy for experiences is best written and also gave all participants concrete copywriting keys. In addition, the morning consisted of breakfast, networking and trend-spotting for 2024.

Do you want to join the next event? Contact Matilda Törnquist at

4. We launched our blog

At the beginning of autumn we released our very own blog (which you are visiting right now!). In this we collect knowledge-dense blog posts as well as the latest news and let you learn more about digital marketing.

That we have a central place for inspiration, knowledge and the latest news feels important to us. Why? Because we are more than a system supplier. We are also people who, with a breadth of experience and a large dose of will, want to help you develop your marketing.

Explore our blog posts here.

During the year, we also expanded the website with, among other things, customer stories, white papers and feature pages.

5. New feature: Marketing Attribution

Oh, how we'd longed. And oh, how we'd sketched ideas, created and refined. After several months of work, we could finally reveal what we'd been working on: Marketing Attribution.

Our Marketing Attribution package gives the user the ability to see:

• Generated sales from individual e-mails.
• Generated sales from individual SMS mailings.
• Which marketing activities contributed to the sales of individual events.
• Which marketing activities contributed to the sales of individual productions.

Take a look at the blog post, which gives you more information about the feature, here.

6. MarketHype turned 5 years old

On September 17, 2023, MarketHype turned 5 years old. Festive, of course! We celebrated this with boules games, dinner and 5 fun facts in the form of a PDF.

You can download the PDF here (in Swedish).

7. MarketHype moved to a new office

At the end of October 2023, we packed up our former office in boxes, to then move towards a new office. Where did the move go? One floor up! Now we have more meeting rooms, more space for socializing and overall more space for both dining and desks.

8. New for users: Weekly Digest mailing

Offering our users a weekly newsletter with statistics was something we had wanted to do for a long time. In 2023, we therefore made a breakthrough.

Fun story is that we started and finished the development of the Weekly Digest mailings on the same day. Well, almost anyway. We started the task at a hackathon* and then focused on it from morning to night. Not long after, we were able to release the news.

With our Weekly Digest mailings, you as a MarketHype user can easily keep track of your business's statistics. Just as the name suggests, this mailing goes out once a week.

You can read more about the Weekly Digest here.

* Hackathon is a combination of the words "hacker" and "marathon", a term that began to be used as early as 1999. During a hackathon, you get the opportunity to let go of all the operational stuff. You get to immerse yourself in playful and exploratory programming in free forms – develop what you want, how you want! At MarketHype we run a bunch of hackathons every year. We gather in the office to program, develop and run workshops on various topics and inspire each other for a day. In addition, we always eat and drink well during these days.

9. We held a record number of webinars

Wow, what a webinar year we had! Below you see the seven webinars that we held in 2023:

1. Automations: What is it? And why is it your new bestie?
2. Segments: Understand your visitors and be relevant in the dialogue
3. AI – the key to increased customer understanding
4. Driving Revenue Growth – 5 Communication Tactics to Optimize your Guest Journey (together with Visit Group)
5. Segmentation: Understand your visitors and be relevant in the dialogue with your customers
6. Personalized Communication: Learn the art of engaging your visitors by customizing communication
7. Customer loyalty: This is how you build a customer journey that strengthens customer loyalty and increases customer satisfaction

Here you can take part of previous webinars and summaries, as well as register for upcoming webinars.