When it comes to digital and technological advancement, Svenska Handbollslandslaget (the Swedish National Handball Team) (SHLAB) does not want to fall behind. On the contrary, the handball organization aims to become more efficient, deliver better customer experiences, and conduct sharper customer analyses. They want to deepen their understanding of customers and elevate their target group-adapted communication to the next level.

So, how will the development of the customer database and communication proceed? In an interview, Tobias Frejfors, Project Manager at SHLAB, shares his plans and visions. Not least, he discusses the new partnership with MarketHype, which, with industry-tailored solutions, will assist SHLAB in advancing their digital journey.

Interview with Tobias Frejfors at Svenska Handbollslandslaget

Hi Tobias! Can you tell us a little about SHLAB? Who are you?

– Absolutely! Svenska Handbollslandslaget AB is owned 100% by Svenska Handbollsförbundet (the Swedish Handball Federation), where our mission is to manage and develop the commercial rights associated with our senior national teams. The mission involves developing the brand of SHLAB, partnerships, and TV rights. We also organize about ten international games per season, focusing on event development. In addition, we are responsible for applying for and conducting international championships such as the European Championships and the World Championships.

Photo: Svenska Handbollslandslaget.

Using your data as a basis is important to understand your audience, but also to be able to target your communication, send relevant tips and fill the arena. Are you data-driven at SHLAB?

– We have been working data-driven for quite some time now. On one hand, we have used our customer database to segment our visitors and communicate with the right target groups in the appropriate manner. On the other hand, we have been actively working to expand the database to include more potential customers. Being digitally oriented is important to us, so it will be exciting to see how the collaboration with MarketHype can further develop our data-driven approach.

You recently got started with MarketHype. How come you chose MarketHype as a supplier?

– As we aim to be at the forefront of digital and technological development, this kind of partnership is important to us. With MarketHype, we want to continue developing our customer database, conduct better customer analyses, and gain a deeper understanding of our fans. We aim to better understand our audience, especially in terms of buying behaviors. The reason we chose MarketHype is because their platform is very user-friendly. Moreover, it includes all the functions we need – from analysis capabilities, ticket reports, and simple segmentation, to automation and email tools.

Photo: Svenska Handbollslandslaget.

Quick facts about Svenska Handbollslandslaget AB:

This is Svenska Handbollslandslaget: Svenska Handbollslandslaget AB is a company 100% owned by Svenska Handbollsförbundet (the Swedish Handball Association) with a commercial focus. Around 10 international games per season are arranged as well as handball championships.

Ticketing software: AXS.

Number of contacts in MarketHype: About 30 000.

Photo: Svenska Handbollslandslaget.

How has the onboarding been?

– Excellent! We had large databases to import, but all the data was correctly placed right away. The process has been fast and smooth, and has worked as it should.

Last question, what are your hopes for the collaboration between SHLAB and MarketHype?

– We aim to become even better at data-driven practices. We want to be more efficient and more direct in our communication. Additionally, we want to expand our database with more fans and deliver better products and experiences. As the system is very user-friendly, several of us from SHLAB will be able to use the tools and develop our work processes.

"I am looking forward to continuing our digitalization journey together with MarketHype. With smart features for marketing, audience development, and automation, combined with extensive knowledge of events and ticket sales, we will be able to take the next step in our development."

Stefan Lövgren

CEO, Svenska Handbollslandslaget

"With MarketHype, we want to continue developing our customer database, conduct better customer analyses, and get to know our fans more deeply. The choice of MarketHype is due to the platform being very user-friendly."

Tobias Frejfors

Project Manager, Svenska Handbollslandslaget


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