Last week we released two new features in MarketHype. Do you know what they are? If not, the time has come to present the two news!

1. Weekly Digest

With our new Weekly Digest mailings, you as a MarketHype user can easily keep track of your business's statistics. Just as the name suggests, this mailing goes out once a week. More specifically, it is sent every Monday morning and provides you with information on:

Sales: The previous week's generated sales as well as a comparison with the week before.

Audience: How your contacts and audience developed last week, compared to the week before.

Segments: The segments that performed best and the Revenue they provided, compared to the week before that.

Emails: How many emails you sent last week, how many opens they had and what sales they generated.

2. Locking of Emails

Imagine you are sitting at your computer. The email tool is up and you're correcting a text about an upcoming concert, tweaking that image that didn't turn out quite as you intended, and changing the call to action on the CTA button. Great – finally done with the mailing. You're happy with what you've created, choose a recipient list and then schedule the newsletter for next Friday.

A few days pass and Friday hits. The clock strikes 2:15 p.m. – the email goes out. After an hour or so, you go in and check the mailing to see its opening rate, generated sales and other statistics. It is now that you notice it: the image you thought you changed isn't there and the CTA text isn't the one you wrote. Oh no.

What you don't know, is that your colleague was also in the email tool on the same day and time that you made the final adjustments. The colleague made, just like you, some changes. And now it appears in the delivered mailing that both of you overwrote some of each other's adjustments. You heave a deep sigh, feeling the frustration grow inside you. Why, why, why?

But you know what? You can actually breathe a sigh of relief, because something like this will never (again) happen to you and your colleagues. Because now we've released a new feature that allows one – and only one – person to edit an email. This means that if you're in an email, you lock the message for others. It is only when you leave the dispatch or have been inactive for 5 minutes that someone else can access it. Magical, right?

Briefly, the function works like this:

1. If you edit an email, no one else can access it at the same time.

2. If you edit an email in one tab, and try to open the same email in another tab, you won't be able to access it in the new tab.

3. If you edit an email, and your colleague tries to change tags, archive or delete the message from the overview, the colleague will not be able to do this.

4. The colleague can make changes when you have left the email or been inactive for 5 minutes.

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