When a pure email tool is no longer enough, it's time to look around for something new. That's exactly what Uppsala Konsert & Kongress thought when a new ticket system was to be procured. They wanted a system that could handle both tickets and customer communication and that also did it in a simple, up-to-date and productive way.

So, said and done! Ticket provider Tickster won the tender and MarketHype, the platform for customer data and marketing, was connected at the same time. Uppsala Konsert & Kongress quickly understood that they had made the right choice – with efficiency, concrete numbers and a smooth connection to the ticket system in focus.

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress – a creative powerhouse for music, food & meetings

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (UKK) is a municipality-owned business with the aspiration to be an obvious and leading world-class meeting place for everyone who lives in Uppsala. The company must also attract visitors from near and far – both residents of Sweden and international guests. Here, visitors and participants can expect grand concerts, fantastic culture, innovative conferences and inspiring congresses. One simply want to be a creative powerhouse for music, food and meetings.

As a municipal company comes both challenges and opportunities. As the largest target group is everyone who lives in Uppsala, there is a wide crowd to process. In addition, UKK wants to bring in more students, where the average visitor and student do not fall within the same segment. In short, it is challenging to always get everything right. Using a marketing tool that is also not optimal for its industry makes the work cumbersome, ineffective and an unnecessary pain. How lucky that there are solutions to challenges like these! Mattias Ezra, Digital Marketer at UKK, says:

– In connection with the procurement of a ticket system, we came into contact with MarketHype. I was given a demo where we went through the customer data platform, the filter function and how to build newsletters. Since I had worked in similar tools before, I quickly understood the system and functions. I realized what enormous advantages it would bring us.

Photographer: Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.

Mattias Ezra

Role at UKK: Digital Marketer.
Main duties: Digital channels, website, keyword optimization, advertising in social media and email marketing.
About MarketHype: "Since the email tool and all ticket buyers are in the same system, we no longer need to mess around with contact list imports and exports – the data is already there! The filter function also makes it easy to filter out the genre and age group we want to talk to."

An email tool that fits the concert hall perfectly

The Marketing department at UKK consists of a Marketing Manager, three Marketers, a Ticket Manager and an Art Director. Mattias Ezra is one of the department's employees and manages, among other things, digital channels, website, keyword optimization and advertising in social media. Email marketing is also in his area of responsibility.

– Previously, we used a pure newsletter tool, but because we wanted to communicate with specific ticket buyers, it was a cumbersome tool. We needed to go into the ticketing system, dump excel files, go into the email tool, and then upload the lists of contacts again, before we could send out any email. And this we needed to do before each dispatch, says Mattias.

The collaboration between UKK and MarketHype started in earnest in the spring of 2022, after a long start-up due to the pandemic. One challenge was to target their communication towards several broad target groups, the static Excel lists at each mailing was another one. Today, UKK uses the new marketing system and can see how it has contributed to turning the challenges around. Mattias explains it all:

– Since the email tool and all ticket buyers are in the same system, we no longer need to mess around with contact list imports and exports – the data is already there! The filter function also makes it easy to filter out the genre and age group we want to talk to. It’s just a matter of getting started!

Another advantage that Mattias mentions is the possibility to choose "non-marketing communication". It means that e-mails are sent to everyone – even to those who have chosen to end their subscription to the newsletter, but who need to receive some information – and is used on occasions when UKK needs to reach guests with important information. The system keeps track of who UKK is allowed to talk to. In the case of "marketing communication" mailings, those who have chosen to unsubscribe are not reached.

– The email channel has become much more efficient! We spend less time on that point, with less effort. We also send more emails and newsletters at the same time that the opening rate is higher and more people click on the links in the mailings, says Mattias.

In MarketHype there are more functions that simplify everyday life for Mattias and the rest of the department. Among other things, UKK has post-visit automations running – with evaluations regarding customer service, wardrobe and the experience as a whole – which receive 1,000s of responses.

– The tool is intuitive and it is easy to set up automations. There is also data in a lot of different places. I don't work in a very structured way with measurement yet, but I know how to find the statistics and occasionally check things like average age and geography, mostly for fun, explains Mattias.

Photographer: Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.

"It feels great that the system is designed for people like me”

When Mattias talks about how UKK works today compared to before, it doesn't take many seconds before it all sinks in. The marketing work has really improved.

– Working in MarketHype's platform offers many advantages. The platform is super easy to work in and frees up a lot of time – two big bonuses! It definitely fills a gap in the market, says Mattias.

That MarketHype is locally rooted and built by people who know how the event industry works, Mattias highlights as two additional pluses. The support is also easy to get hold of and helps with the slightest question.

– It has worked great, really. When working in a new tool, questions often arise along the way, but I have always received great help and quick answers. It feels great that the system is designed for and by people like me, says Mattias in conclusion.

Photographer: Magnus Hörberg, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.

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