Data center security

  • Physical access to our data center is tightly controlled by outer and inner perimeters, including fencing, security officers, locked server racks, integrated alarm systems, around-the-clock video surveillance, and multi-factor access control.

  • Our cloud infrastructure meets a broad set of compliance standards, including ISO 27001/27002 and SOC 1/2.

  • The data center includes redundancy across all aspects of potential failure, including network transit, routing, and power.

  • We have DDoS mitigation in place at our data center to protect against denial-of-service attacks.

Application security

  • The entire MarketHype application uses TLS 1.2 or higher to encrypt all communication.

  • All account passwords are hashed; not even our staff can retrieve them. If you lose your password, it must be reset - it can never be retrieved.

  • Our login pages use brute force protection and suspicious IP throttling to protect your account against unauthorized access.

Employee security

  • We continuously train employees on security best practices, including identifying social engineering, phishing scams, and hackers.

  • All our employees have signed NDA & confidentiality agreements.

  • Employees can only access the systems and features required for their specific tasks.

  • Only a few people in operations and technical support can access your stored data.

  • All customer data is completely separated from testing and development environments.

Data protection and redundancy

  • User accounts are separated from each other through multiple layers of logic, which prevent data corruption and overlap.

  • All data is encrypted using industry-standard encryption algorithms, both in transit and at rest.

  • All data is continuously mirrored to multiple database servers with high availability failover protection to ensure redundancy and availability.

  • Backups are performed regularly and transferred offsite to a different geographical location in accordance with our disaster recovery plan.

Safeguarding your account

  • We monitor and will automatically suspend accounts for signs of irregular or suspicious login activity.

  • We monitor accounts and marketing activities for signs of abuse or unhealthy communication practices.

  • In addition to our automatic monitoring, we employ another layer of human reviewers, who monitor and review anomalous account and communication activities.